Shrif Azmy

Shrif Azmy

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First Name * Shrif
Last Name * Azmy
Username * SHRIF
Country * Egypt
City giza
Nationality egyptian
Languages ArabicEnglishFrench


Preferred Tools VFX3d maxhoudini


Availability: Freelance


Almost of my work was targeting the realism as they ware for broadcasting and printing and my final project "Mamlouk civilization Knight" short movie about a historic period i work on modeling and texturing a lot of complex objects within many program such as Max and ZBrush
as 3d generalist i have a good experience in modeling organic objects with focus in clam topology and my majority based on accurate and fast working.
this experience come throw working with fast range of objects like human, animals. birds, cartoon characters and monsters
as VFX artist am very fimiliare with the phasic simulation and visualizing for the fire, Smoke, Dust and Fluids with the maximum accuracy in the detail and realism